PR Hits

Technology Marketing (PDF)

Complex technologies are easily understood – and SOLD – when presented in the context of a customer's experience. Here's an example of how a K&D article sells complex technologies in machine tool calibration and manufacturing process control for client Renishaw.


"Stress relief" is not always a beach and a beer (PDF)

If your agency thinks "stress relief" is a beer on the beach, you're using the wrong agency. K&D knows what stress can do in the manufacture metal parts. More important, we know how to sell unique stress relieving technology using PR, such as this article written for ARKU.


Selling sustainability (PDF)

Sustainable manufacturing is a soft concept until K&D puts some hard, sharp edges on the value. Here's just one hit of a K&D article that spells out the value of sustainable conveying using Emerson's System Plast conveyor.


Publicity for process control (PDF)

K&D puts the spotlight on client Renishaw's key marketing message – manufacturing process control – in an article on some dazzling technology being used by a Texas company. This hit from the UK is one of many in the pipeline.


Technical products publicized here (PDF)

Does your PR agency choke on terms like "torque" and "phase displacement"? Understanding engineering lexicon is just one of the advantages K&D brings to B2B client relationships. The talent was amply utilized in the development of this bylined article on torque monitoring, written for Emerson. It has produced multiple hits in a variety of publications worldwide.


"Made in the USA" is a "made for PR" (PDF)

K&D proves that "Made in the USA" can be a competitive advantage in manufacturing AND publicity, utilizing this angle as a news hook for client Midland Metal Products.

Read about it here (PDF)