News Engineers™

K&D engineers news coverage by producing content needed and sought by the media. In editorial style. With a message that supports and strengthens your brand promise. We target diverse editorial needs:


  • Cover photos
  • Up-front news sections
  • Features (case histories, round-up stories, bylined articles, etc.)
  • Short how-to and tips sections
  • New product sections and new literature listings
  • Trend, viewpoint and opinion columns
  • Video clips¬†


With an engineer's eye for detail

We've developed proven techniques to ensure your content is framed and delivered to meet media needs.


  • We bring an engineer's thoroughness to media research and story placement, scoring multiple hits and maximum exposure.
  • We make a science out of knowing the media's interests and needs.
  • We're masters at repurposing content for different venues.
  • We encourage editors to contact us for client viewpoints, quotes, and trend stories.
  • We monitor editorial forecasts to supply timely, useful content.


Engineering your success

When your brand message is delivered as news, it has unique advantages.


  • Greater credibility. Editorial exposure is third-party validation.
  • Expanded reach. We take your message where you can't afford to advertise.
  • More sales leads. Publicity typically out-produces advertising.
  • In-depth selling. Editorial content delivers depth and detail that advertising cannot.
  • Put competitors on defense. News dominance reinforces your reputation, while keeping competitors on defense.