You know what makes me mad?

If you’re still reading, you’ve already gotten my point. A headline that makes the reader “stop, wipe glasses” is an asset in PR writing.

Editors are the first and most important readers of your PR materials. They receive hundreds of releases and pitches daily; they are often overwhelmed, tired, jaded. A release that catches an editor’s eye or elicits a chuckle is more likely to get you to step two in getting published — the editor will read your all-important lead sentence or paragraph. What’s the value of that catchy headline? Priceless.

If you think this untrue, consider what editors themselves write and publish for article headlines and leads. They, too, know the value of word plays, humor, and other language twists.

B2B articles and releases do not always have to be literal presentations in “King’s English.” With many Twitter-acclimated readers in your audience today, a lighter touch is often more effective.

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August 28th, 2013 at 4:13 pm

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